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Address:No. 3rd, Changle Road, Dongguan, the second area of Mulberry District

Dongguan walter was applied to daily necessities co., LTD is Australia Mr Lai cosmetics co., LTD. (VOLES INTERNATIONAL COSMETIC LTD), a wholly foreign owned enterprise in China. The company was founded in 2003, the headquarters is located in the beautiful environment, Queensland, Australia, is a collection of r &d, skin test, specialized production, international trade international conglomerates, Queensland, in Australia and China's Hong Kong, guangzhou, dongguan has research and development design center, has a group of senior senior r&d engineer read pharmacological origins, process control, quality inspection division and a number of high-quality management team, responsible for product development, packaging design and marketing.


In guangdong dongguan 100 ﹪ of foreign investment enterprises, equipped with a daily output of 15000 products, and meet the requirements of each type of product process automated assembly line production equipment. Enterprises through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system standard certification, and access to "hairdressing cosmetic industry association director unit of guangdong province".


Over the past twenty years, the company has been committed to herbal skin care, with Australia's unique natural herb resources, pursue to maintain plant natural activity and strict medicine grade production environment, using the latest technology and craft, has created multiple herbal care brand. Mooring jade-like stone, such as the Rhine, o 'slee, mechi pavilion, high-end brands such as the brand of natural pure, function more significantly, provides excellent protection for the skin and repair functions.


"Lane" brand by the Chinese famous brand goods association as "China's top ten cosmetics brand", is specialized in the line at that time the only one to be included in the brand, and won the 18th annual world the only designated toiletries supermodel global finals opening ceremony


In 2004, Mr Lai shi daily necessities co., LTD., elaborate brand slee "o", "on the global cosmetics brand the most concentrated, the most competitive in Hong Kong, with only a year and a half, it was named" the most promising brand ".

In 2008, Mr Lai shi company launched body lotion, shampoo brand "opal jade-like stone", exported to South America countries, with a single body milk, by local consumers.
In 2017, according to market research, and through the skin to repair damage and provide protection at the same time, strengthen the skin's own resistance to protect skin to taste, is the largest demand in the market at present. Mr Lai shi company successfully developed "mechi pavilion elegant" brand, of which 13 product mainly is aims at in the healthy skin, protective role after repair.
We adhering to the "win-win" business philosophy and "professional, dedicated for you" service tenet, and for each customer to provide the perfect "close" and "follow-up" services, from the customer's worries, by Australia, South America, Malaysia, mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, women's high praise.