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Address:No. 3rd, Changle Road, Dongguan, the second area of Mulberry District

Development company: dongguan lai shi daily necessities co., LTD, in dongguan has 14 years history, the company formerly known as guangzhou Fahrenheit cosmetics factory, in the mid - 80 - s, "Fahrenheit" has been established, and put into production, has been producing the independent brand "Rhine" cosmetics. The annual output value reached 70 million yuan, is a professional sales channel line. Later, because of space problem, moved to dongguan (player-wise moved collectively) to dongguan after transformation in the channel, into the small cosmetic, and began a large number of exports.

Export aroma began in 2004, 2009, products are exported to South America, and has obtained the customer high praise. At the same time in the service of a long-term customers in China.
Company has always attached great importance to product research and development, in product research and development, invest a lot of manpower material resources, and achieved market recognition and customer praise. Have individual products, used to lead the industry trend, have more manufacturers to follow the production. (ever joint impact of guangzhou industrial and commercial bureau.
Company has always attached great importance to product quality, for decades, basically not quality accident happened, was among the evaluation production enterprises of "quality assurance".
The company's future development direction: dongguan lai shi daily necessities co., LTD., for a long time, is committed to product development and production, and obtained a certain result, according to the current situation of the company, as well as combining with the current form, company development direction is as follows:
A, still, as always, a large number of investment research and development strength, strive for a year out of 10 new products for customers to choose the listed.
2, 2018 years to form a sales team, for the domestic market sales, production and marketing integration, to promote its own brand marketing, to retail markets for profit of 1 million.
Three, increase the depth and breadth of service good existing foreign customers, and actively participate in the exhibition, efforts to expand export market, a 50% increase in the export business for years.
Four, joint domestic customers, and strive to create become dongguan cosmetics industry's top three.
Company main business scope: production and sales of cosmetics, cleaning supplies (including shower gel, hand sanitizer, detergent, soap, etc.), drug and its supporting tools, household products. Except the above products involved or limited license, domestic products must be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state. (subject to ratification in accordance with the project, the related department approval to operate.)