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Cherry beautiful body spray

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Release time:2018-08-25



Body spray is between perfumes and body lotion, both the good smell of perfume, can play the role of moisturizing spray again. Especially in sorching summer, want to fresh and good smell of body odor, and easy to want to spray, spray, and timely relieve dry body unwell, pop star will be must belong to it.

Four big selection rules
1, whether there is to see the list of ethanol or denatured ethanol both ingredients, if you have just try to avoid surface spray directly on the skin.
2, after spray did smell heavy alcohol flavor.
3, is the use of plant essential oil is best, of course, but it and the use of synthetic oil products, there are more than 95% similar. But if the component list is a Chinese name, synthetic oils will use main body aroma composition to mark, if it is pure essential oil it will use the Chinese name of the pure essential oils to sign.
4, if sprayed on the skin, short time rapid, clear cool and refreshing feeling, is also commonly used high volatile solvent. If is sensitive skin, also do not recommend spray directly on the skin.