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Repair the dew

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Release time:2018-08-25



 Mechi pavilion elegant balance repair - 100 ml

Hydrating, regulate the water-oil balance, firming skin.
Contains extracts from the depths of the ocean of alternating single cell bacteria fermented product, make the skin surface, forming a protective barrier effectively relieve, repair skin.
, hamamelis extract, balancing oil secretion containment of convergence, make skin smooth and tender.
Water, HAMAMELIS North America (HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA) extract, hydroxyl styrene acrylic ester, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, glycerol polyether - 26, betaine, double - PEG - 15 methyl ether polydimethylsiloxane, butanediol, fermentation product extracts bacterium alternately, hydroxyl ethyl benzene, propylene glycol, double (hydroxymethyl) imidazole alkyl urea, iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate, carbomer, hydroxyl methyl benzene, nonyl phenol polyether - 14, (daily) essence, triethanolamine.
Method of use:
1, wiping method: first to pour water on cotton, from the inside-out along skin texture to wipe.
2, pat play: rub lotion on the face, pat face each part in full, help to absorb water.
Apply to: all type of skin
Note: this product is for external use only, please was performed after the ear skin sensitivity test before use, if feeling unwell, please immediately stop using.
Avoid light preservation under normal temperature cool and dry