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Triple hyaluronic acid toner

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Release time:2018-08-25



 Mechi pavilion, triple - 100 - ml hyaluronic acid bright skin water

Depth of filling water, lasting moisture, carry bright color of skin, tighten the skin
Contains hyaluronic acid and method to olive kernel fruit extract, make the skin surface to form filling water barrier, to reduce the damage to the skin from the outside environment.
Promote skin to absorb nutrients, increase skin elasticity.
Water, glycerin, glycerol polyether - 26, butanediol, carboxymethyl chitosan, method to olive kernel (TERMINALIA FERDINANDIANA) fruit extract, double - PEG - 15 polydimethylsiloxane methyl ether, propylene glycol, double (hydroxymethyl) imidazole alkyl urea, iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid, hydroxy methyl benzene, nonyl phenol polyether - 14, carbomer, triethanolamine, essence (daily).
Usage: apply proper amount gently pat with fingertips evenly all over face and neck, make its penetration and absorption. Dry skin can repeat daub 2 times. After makeup, essence, cream before use.
Apply to: all type of skin
Note: this product is for external use only, please was performed after the ear skin sensitivity test before use, if feeling unwell, please immediately stop using.
Avoid light preservation under normal temperature cool and dry