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Moisturizing milk

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Release time:2018-08-16



 O 'slee rose hips Q10 moisturizing milk

Moisturizing milk skin protective film is the human body, every day contact with the air, especially now with the development of urbanization, industry growing, that we almost every day in contact haze, the masked man "on the road is also more and more
As soon as possible if you don't give our skin "cover" layer "wrap", then the skin will be caused by in virtually lost moisture and atmospheric oxidation of dryness, crack, stain, big pores and other skin problems
Rest assured! Have "cling film" - O 'slee rose hips Q10 moisturizers in the lobby you can wash the surprised no!
"Wrap" specially add moisture in the integration of coenzyme Q10, lock the water rose hip oil, firming skin, hyaluronic acid, and "enemies" air fruit licorice extract, vitamin E and light quickly penetrate into skin, nourish skin, make skin recover smooth dynamic state, moisturizing not greasy, with thick fat products say bye ~ and tighten skin say bye ~
Use morning and evening, take care of your skin all day long!
Little secret: I heard that moisturizers and O 'slee rose hips ruby beauty muscle water use more oh ~