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Rhine peptide abundant lip tender lip is sweet

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Release time:2018-08-25



 1.. The secret of abundant lip

Abundant lip honey contains abundant lip peptide, can instantly penetrate into the lips! Use for a long time also can dilute the lip
2.. The secret of the soft lips
Abundant lip honey contains four moisturizing ingredients: "deep sea liquid crystal squalane, vitamin E skin oil, grapefruit and red myrrh alcohol, can rapidly moisturize lips, repair the dry peeling.
3.. The secret of the lip film
Lips almost no activity in the evening, also not contact with food and lip makeup dye, so is a good time to lip keep lips. Thick layer of the tu yi 嫰 lip is sweet, stereoscopic intensive maintenance all night, waiting for the next day the lips tender doodle surprise!
4.. The secret of the isolation
Tu 嫰 lip is sweet, and then coated lip makeup, they had dry lips honey on the lips to form a layer of protective film. Not only the color is more beautiful, also can be harmful dyes and harmful substances in the air from the lip.
5.. Quick makeup can nourish the secret again
Abundant lip honey contains squalane, lip gloss and lipstick has good compatibility, so the degree of thousand net discharge lip makeup are comparable to those obtained and makeup water! Moreover, squalane highly nourishing and moisturizing, can discharge and maintenance.
6.. Soothing secret after discharge lip makeup
Discharge makeup water contains soap, can make skin more dry, coarse taste bad, causing discomfort. After discharge makeup TuFeng lip is sweet, abundant lip peptide of lip is sweet, squalane, vitamin E, red myrrh alcohol, such as composition, can effectively relieve lip skin. Labial ministry is softer and more slow, more water embellish, fully nourish one night!
7.. The secret of carry bright lipstick
Only the surface point in lipstick tu 嫰 lip is sweet, with lips gently massage.